Helpful Resources for Medical Professionals

Compression Care can play an important role supplementing the care your patients receive with compression garments that provide successful long-term outcomes.  We’ve assembled the most common resources our physicians and physical therapists often require to be able to answer frequent questions and find the right paperwork to make referrals.

If you can’t find what you need or have questions, we’re here to help!  Just call or text us at (615) 583-2273 for immediate assistance, or e-mail [email protected] for a timely response.

We serve medical professionals and patients nationwide, providing unique remote service options for patients who otherwise face challenges getting the care they need close to home.

What We Can Provide

We are here for the rest of your patients’ lives.  And far beyond just compression garments for day and night, we provide education and hands-on training for donning and doffing garments, care of garments, and other key factors for compliance and successful outcomes.

Our mission is to connect as an important resource for patients, you as their medical providers, and their families along the entire journey from diagnosis, through treatment, and for a lifetime of remission and control of their conditions.

How To Select Compression Garments

Here is a brief overview of the core items we provide:


Day Gradient Compression Garments

      • Arm Sleeve
      • Hand Piece (Full Finger or Gauntlet Only)
      • Truncal Garments
        • Compression Bra
        • Compression Tank/Camisole
        • Compression T-Shirt
        • Full Vest
      • Head
      • Neck
      • Shoulder
      • Other Custom Garments as May be Required

Velcro Wraps

      • Arm Sleeve
      • Hand Piece

Gradient Night Compression Garments

      • Arm Sleeve
      • Glove
      • 1-Piece Sleeve/Glove Combination
      • Other Custom Garments as May be Required


Day Gradient Compression Garments

      • Knee-High
      • Thigh-High
      • Full Waist
      • Other Custom Garments as May be Required

Gradient Compression Wraps

      • Foot
      • Calf
      • Knee
      • Thigh
      • Foot + Calf Combination
      • Foot + Calf + Knee Combination
      • Foot + Calf + Knee + Thigh Combination
      • Other Custom Garments as May be Required

Gradient Night Compression Garments

      • Knee-High
      • Thigh-High
      • Full Waist
      • Other Custom Garments as May be Required

However, if you have questions or special requests, we’re always happy to accommodate those.  And if you have an unusual case, we love those challenges!  Just let us know and we’ll collaborate to find the right solutions.  Do not feel as if you have to make decisions about garments on your own.  Our experts are here to collaborate with you and make recommendations.

How To Select the Amount of Compression

LIGHT 15-20 mmHg Minor varicosities; minor varicosities during pregnancy; tired, aching legs; minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling; and post sclerotherapy.
MODERATE 20-30 mmHg Moderate to severe varicosities; post-surgical, moderate edema; post-sclerotherapy, helps prevent recurrence of venous ulcers; moderate to severe varicosities during pregnancy; and superficial thrombosis.
FIRM 30-40 mmHg Severe varicosities; severe edema; lymphatic edema; management of active ulcers and manifestations of PTS; chronic venous insufficiency, helps prevent PTS and recurrence of venous ulcers; orthostatic hypertension; post-surgical; and post sclerotherapy.
EXTRA FIRM 40+ mmHg Severe varicosities; severe edema; lymphatic edema; management of active ulcers and manifestations of PTS; chronic venous insufficiency; orthostatic hypertension; postplebetic syndrome.

Flat Knit Versus Circular Knit

You may be wondering what different types of garments are available and even why there are different types.  Compression garments are knitted using two different methods of manufacturing.

Circular Knit Garments.  Seamless and not as dense and stiff as flat knit.  They come in standard sizes (off-the-shelf) or can be custom made.  The elasticity of the circular knit material is great for early to mild stages of lymphedema, when swelling is moderate.  A circular knit garment is often used for someone with a normal limb shape who has poor circulation or lymphedema. Other features include:

      • Comfort
      • Mild to Moderate Containment
      • Maximum Aesthetics – available in a variety of fabrics, colors and prints
      • Not Made with Natural Rubber (Latex Free)

Flat Knit Garments.  Have a seam and offer excellent therapeutic results.  Only available as custom-made, they can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.  The fabric is stiffer and certain fabrics have a micro massage weave, which is preferred for areas with severe swelling.  Combined with an optimal level of compression, flat knit garments offer the maximum containment in an elastic compression garment. Other features include:

      • Improved Aesthetics – now available in a variety of colors
      • Density of the Knit Remains Consistent Throughout the Garment (even at areas of larger circumferences, which is important for managing swelling)
      • A Stiffer Compression Garment Will Better Maintain the Gap at the Skin Folds and is Less Likely to Cut into the Skin
      • Durability for Extreme Wear and Use
      • Not Made with Natural Rubber (Latex Free)

Referral Forms

The primary referral forms for compression garments are here:



We prefer this form because it addresses all the unique requirements various insurance providers require for successful claims.  But we understand if your systems and rules don’t allow you to use our forms.  Please do what’s easiest for you.  And know that we’re always willing to help what we do coordinate with what you do.  See below.

Making a Patient Referral

Please choose the appropriate referral form (Upper Body Compression/Lower Extremity Compression).  Options to submit the information are on the forms.  We’ll respond within 1 business day with insurance benefits and seamlessly handle the claim process directly with the patient, while coordinating with you on measurements, delivery, and other important aspects.

If you’d like a personalized set of referral forms with your information pre-filled to save time, just drop us an e-mail and we’ll get it made for you right away.  Also, we can connect our IT folks with yours if you’d like these forms integrated into your software (not always possible, but we’re always willing to try).

We’re Always Here to Help

Please call or text us at (615) 583-2273 anytime, and we’ll respond as soon as possible, or just e-mail us at [email protected].  We have an RN and numerous Certified Fitters on-staff to answer questions and collaborate on treatment plans.

Our team is available to detail you and your team, and we are always happy to collaborate and share best practices to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

We try to provide helpful resources for medical professionals like you!  If there is anything you’d like to have available here, or that you need from us in terms of education, collateral, or any other resources that will help you — please just let us know.