Improving Peoples’ Lives by Making High-Quality Compression Care
Accessible, Affordable, & Convenient — No Matter Where They Live

Expert Compression Care

We’re committed to being an important part of the treatment process — the bridge that helps patients make the transition from active treatment to maintenance and prevention — with the right garments, never paying more out-of-pocket than necessary, and ongoing access to expert compression fitters for greater compliance rates and better outcomes.

Solving Common Problems for You & Your Patients

We listened to medical professionals like you, and patients just like yours, to understand how we can make compression more accessible, affordable, convenient, and successful — no matter where you’re located.  Here’s where we’ve focused on being the best:

For Medical Professionals.  We’re an attentive partner who keeps your practice moving, offers immediate help when you need it, and provides a seamless experience for you and your patients:

  • Fast, Accurate Benefits Checks
  • On-Demand Consultation with Experienced, Certified Fitters
  • Updates about Patients

For Patients.  We patiently walk patients through each aspect of the process, fight to make sure they don’t pay any more than they have to out-of-pocket, and pro-active follow up to encourage compliance and promote successful outcomes:

  • Seamless Insurance Billing
  • Follow-Ups Post Delivery
  • Annual Re-Order Reminders

You should expect timely, accurate information and advice from our experts.  And you can be assured we will be a helpful resource to your patients they’ll thank you for making part of your continuum of care.

No Matter Where You Live

Our service originated to offer care in the rural areas of our home state of Tennessee so that medical professionals didn’t have to send patients hours away for compression garments.  It’s quickly spreading nationwide because we realized these “care deserts” exist across the Country.  And with traditional DMEs disappearing, even in some of America’s largest cities — the need is greater than ever.

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