Compression garments are a necessity for many people. Whether you are born with lymphedema or receive a diagnosis later in life, compression garments are a large part of your life.

As your compression garments are medical grade, you will need to wear them as often as prescribed, and they are something you have to think about while going through your daily routine.

Rather than looking at compression garments as a hassle and something that might make you feel discouraged, you should think of them as another accessory that can be used to express yourself and your style in your everyday life.

Keep It Simple

Many people prefer to opt for a compression garment that doesn’t draw attention to itself, which might be the perfect option for you. You can opt for a skin tone compression garment or a neutral color like black or white. It’s functional and allows the focus to stay on your outfit rather than your compression garments.

Be Bold

Rather than opt for a skin tone compression garment, you can try something that allows you to express yourself and your personality more. Whether you want to try a bright color, a fun and unique pattern, or a different design to go with each outfit, your compression garment is a great way to show who you are.

Find A Middle Ground

What if you want something a little bit more vibrant than skin tone but aren’t ready to commit to bold patterns? There are plenty of options that fall between the two and can help you feel comfortable in your skin.

You can try a solid, fun color like fuchsia or emerald to make your garment pop while not being as noticeable as a brighter color. If you don’t want to switch them up with your outfits, find something that goes well with your skin tone or brings out your eyes.