A Better Option When There’s No Local Option

We hear from medical professionals all the time that they just don’t have a reliable, trusted partner to help transition patients from active treatment to sustainable, long-term success with garments for maintenance.  If that’s what’s happening to you, you may be in one of the many “care deserts” emerging all over the Country.

After nearly 20 years serving patients in Tennessee, we created Compression Care to solve these problems and make high-quality compression care more accessible, affordable, & convenient — no matter where you live.

You care about your patient.  Let us care for both of you.

Care Deserts Are Emerging Across America

The underlying medical conditions that most often necessitate compression therapy require ongoing management for the rest of the patient’s life.  Yet, more and more people are finding it difficult to get quality, affordable access to the care they need.  As the medical professional treating them to get these conditions under control, you need a quality partner to help patients stay healthy and avoid recurrences.

Care deserts aren’t unique to just rural areas, either.  Some of America’s largest cities are struggling with the loss of expert compression fitters.  And that’s frustrating for you and your patients.

We Partner with Medical Professionals

We talk to medical professionals every day who are trying to help patients transition from active treatment to a lifetime of maintenance.  They’re struggling to find a quality partner who:

  • Consults to find the best compression therapy strategy for long-term success
  • Knows how to maximize insurance benefits so patients pay as little out of pocket as possible
  • Communicates well in real time so you, your patient, and we stay on the same page
  • Saves busy medical professionals time and money
  • Help them do their best for every patient

Compression Care was designed to address the frustrations expressed to us by many medical professionals.  We’re designed to be an important resource to help patients stay successful post-treatment.

Expert Compression Fitters

Our certified fitters are expert medical professionals, too — well-trained, and experienced with all types of compression.

But we took everything one step further; all of our fitters have been specially-trained to be able to serve you remotely via TeleConsults.  And our systems are designed to keep you, as the referring medical professional, in the loop whenever status changes.

Integrated Into Your Continuum of Care

We become a bridge between treatment and maintenance.  When you refer a patient, we work with you to understand your diagnosis and maintenance plan.  Need a consult?  We’re always here.  And we work with the patient to maximize insurance benefits (so you don’t have to), and keep you informed at each step.

And we stay with the patient after delivery to make sure the garments are working.  If patients are happy with the garments they’re more likely to remain compliant.  And we continue communication for a lifetime, replacing garments over time for long-term success.

Saving Medical Provider & Patient Both Time & Trouble

Seamless Insurance Billing.  With same-day service, we confirm insurance benefits so you know what’s covered and what the out-of-pocket will be.  We file claims, and we fight to make sure your plan pays what it promises.  We advocate for every patient, and our goal is no surprises; no one pays more than necessary.

Regular Status Updates.  We communicate what’s happening, and we’re always available to answer questions.  All of our educational resources (donning, doffing, laundering, etc.) are always available on-line, and both patients and medical professionals always have access to a live person via phone or TeleVisit.

Delivery Your Way.  Based on coordination with you and your patient, garments ship direct to save time and extra office visits.  And if something’s not working right, returns and alterations are easy and fast.

For the Rest of the Patient’s Life

Compression is often a lifetime need.  We are always here to restore the patient’s sense of well-being, provide support (for you and your patient), and walk the journey that brought your patient to compression therapy, connecting to the resources that make that journey more successful.

Start Referring Patients Today

To start referring patients today, just go here and let us know you’re interested.  We’ll quickly get you in touch with an Account Manager to get you going right away.  Urgent?  Call us now at (615) 583-2273 or email [email protected] for immediate response.