While at the Power Symposium in Denver this past April, our team got to meet some wonderful and talented people in the lymphedema and compression industry. The Power Symposium is a great way for professionals in the lymphedema and breast cancer industry to connect and learn about the changes in treatment and business.

Our COO, Joshua Perkins, has spent the past month highlighting different people and brands that he has been able to connect with during his time at the Power Symposium and wanted to showcase their expertise.

Brylan’s Feat Foundation

Brylan Feat Foundation

Joshua Perkins had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Williams, the founder of Brylan’s Feat Foundation, while at the Power Symposium. This organization is doing wonderful things for the lymphedema community, and we are proud to have the opportunity to help them meet new therapists. If you already know Brittany, we’re sure you feel the same way.

“Brylan’s Feat Foundation (BFF) was established in 2018 as the first and only nonprofit specific to pediatric lymphedema in the world. Our mission is to assist in providing treatment to pediatric lymphedema patients who are in need, help raise awareness, and promote education of this disease. BFF also hosts Camp Watchme, the only camp in North America to provide resources, treatment, education, and a quintessential summer camp experience to pediatric patients.” -Brittany Williams

Learn more about them on their website.

Wear Ease

wear ease

While at the power symposium, Perkins was able to spend time with Phyllis Keith, the president of Wear Ease. Phyllis showed him their new Katy T 918, and we just had to pass it along to you!

“Our Mission Statement: Wear Ease strives to provide patients with superior post-surgical and therapeutic compression garments that improve their quality of life by helping them live more comfortably. Achieving this goal requires a commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to understanding patients’ needs.” -Phyllis Keith

Learn more about them on their website.

Prairie Wear

prairie wear

Prairie Wear has revolutionized compression bra technology, as many therapists already know. At Power Symposium, Perkins was able to meet with Rocky, the co-founder of Prairie Wear. Rocky is a wonderful person and is always willing to share his knowledge to help patients.

“Prairie Wear’s single aim is to create positive global impact through great design and kindness to people and the planet.

How do we do that? We make the best bra in the world! Well, we believe so anyway. 🙂 Our sustainable, versatile bras are called Huggers. Designed with surgeons and technical design experts to be super comfortable, safe, and ready to use in surgical environments. All our Huggers are OEKO-TEX Std 100 certified skin-safe.

So they’re better for your body and – because they last up to 10x longer than most other bras – they’re also better for the planet!” -Prairie Wear”

Learn more about them on their website.



While at the Power Symposium, Perkins has the opportunity to tour the Juzo booth. They have a lot of new products coming out soon, but one that Perkins wanted to show off is the Juzo night. You can learn more about this garment by visiting their website.

“Introducing Juzo Night– the perfect complement to circular and flat knit compression garments worn during the day. Juzo Night is a lightweight, comfortable garment that helps prevent edema from rebounding during sleep or rest. Wearing the garment encourages self-care and promotes compliance by reducing sensations of tension and pressure, which can interrupt quality sleep.” -Tom Musone, Director of Marketing at Juzo

Klose Training

klose training

Joshua Perkins met Guenter and his team, Lisa and Ashley, from Klose Training at the Power Symposium. Guenter Klose is one of the most respected educators in lymphedema education. Perkins has always heard great things about him and his classes from the CLTs we work with.

Klose Training has great classes to offer Certified Lymphedema Therapists. Online classes are available to take from the comfort of home without the extra costs of travel and vacation. There are live, hands-on classes to build on your CDT skills: Skill Building Workshop for CLTs and Head and Neck Lymphedema Management. If you’re new to Klose Training, check out these FREE educational videos about lymphedema and lymphedema management on their website.

Compression Care

If you or a loved one is in need of compression garments, talk to your doctor and reach out to Compression Care on our website. Fill out our patient form to get something scheduled with one of our virtual fitters!