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Making High-Quality Compression Care More Accessible, Affordable, & Convenient
No Matter Where You Live

Care Deserts are Emerging Across America

The underlying medical conditions that most often necessitate compression therapy require ongoing management for the rest of your life.

Yet, more and more people are finding it difficult to get quality, affordable access to the care they need. And the very medical professionals treating them to get these conditions under control need quality partners who help patients stay healthy and avoid recurrences.

Care deserts aren’t unique to rural areas, either.  Some of America’s largest cities are struggling with the loss of expert compression fitters.  And
that’s frustrating for both patients and the medical professionals treating them.

Medical Professionals Need Quality Partners

We talk to medical professionals every day who are trying to help patients transition from active treatment to a lifetime of maintenance. They’re
struggling to find a quality partner who:

  • Consults to find the best compression therapy strategy for long-term success
  • Knows how to maximize insurance benefits so patients pay as little out of pocket as possible
  • Communicates well in real time so patients and their care providers stay on the same page
  • Saves busy medical professionals time and money
  • Helps them do their best for every patient

Compression Care was designed to address the frustrations expressed to us by many medical professionals.  We’re designed to be an important resource to help patients stay successful post-treatment.

Patients Need Partners for Success

There’s nothing worse than being told you’ve got a lifetime condition you’ll have to manage, but then getting frustrated that you can’t find anyone to walk that journey with you. Here’s a parachute, jump.

We believe everyone, no matter where you live, deserves high-quality compression care. So we set out to make the whole process a LOT easier
for you as the patient, and the medical professional treating you. After all, why go through all the treatment only to see your health deteriorate without the proper maintenance?

Compression Care is designed to help patients:

  • Get access to an expert compression fitter, from anywhere
  • Use your insurance benefits so you get the compression therapy you need with as little out of pocket as possible
  • Connect with a good listener who understands the lifestyle to which you’re trying to return, permanently
  • Helps you at home, without more travel and time for medical appointments
  • Stays with you for a lifetime, so you never feel you’re dealing with this alone

Expert Compression Fitters

Our fitters are expert medical professionals, well-trained, experienced with all types of compression.  But we took everything one step
further; all of our fitters have been specially trained to be able to serve you remotely via TeleFittings.  By coordinating with your doctor or
physical therapist, we help them take precise measurements and proper fit.  And we keep in touch to make sure you’ve got help anytime you
have a question or something just doesn’t seem right to you.

Integrated Into Your Continuum of Care

We become a bridge between treatment and maintenance. Your medical professional helps us understand your diagnosis and maintenance plan, and we stay with you long after you’ve completed active treatment to make sure your compression garments are performing as expected.

Saving Medical Provider & Patient Both Time & Trouble

Seamless Insurance Billing – With same-day service, we confirm insurance benefits so you and your medical provider know what’s covered,
and what your out of pocket costs might be. We file claims, and we fight to make sure your plan pays what it promises. We advocate for every
customer, and our goal is you’ll never pay more than necessary.

Regular Status Updates – We communicate what’s happening, and we’re always available to answer questions. All of our educational resources (donning, doffing, laundering, etc.) are always available, and both patients and medical providers have easy access to a live person.

Delivery Your Way – Based on coordination with you and your medical provider, garments ship direct to save time and extra doctor visits.  And if
something’s not working right, returns and alterations are easy.

For the Rest of Your Life

Compression is often a lifetime need. We are always here to restore your sense of well-being, support you, your family, and your medical professionals through the journey with that brought you to compression therapy, and connect you to resources that make that journey more successful.